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Producer of Ludiphilia; historian, journalist, & freelance writer specialised in features. Covers games, play, tech, science, innovation. Email: rich.c.moss at gmail

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Apple Access-Ability

How iOS 7 is changing the lives of people with disabilities.

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10 Apps for Grown-Up LEGO Fans | Mac|Life

You’re never too old to play with LEGO. The colorful, interlocking plastic bricks do wonders for creative thinking and enhancing your imagination, and they’re fun too. We’ve picked out 10 cool, useful, and fun LEGO-themed or related apps and games that appeal to adults as much as—or even more so than—the young’uns that’ll be pulling at your iPhone or iPad the moment they see them.

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Deer Hunter 2014 Review | Mac|Life

Hunting never felt so base and inhumane as in Deer Hunter 2014, the latest in a long line of titles that has evolved progressively far from its moniker and expanded now to include endangered animals.

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8 iOS Apps That Teach You How to Code

Whether you're aiming for eventual App Store success, dipping your toes into a new hobby, or just trying to learn a new skill, these eight iOS apps will help you distinguish loops from conditionals and provide all the groundwork you need to become a 1337 coder — no matter your age or technical know-how.

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Real Racing 3 Devs Firemonkeys Discuss Games, EA, and Feedback at PAX Australia

Seven senior members of Firemonkeys, the Electronic Arts-owned studio behind iOS hits like Real Racing 3, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, and The Sims Freeplay, joined forces onstage at a panel...

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8 iPad Games Your Cat Can Play

Posted 05/24/2012 at 9:00am | by Richard Moss
Whether by fluke or design, the iPad is the perfect gaming device for our purring friends. It has a strong, sturdy screen that can sit flat on the floor,...