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Producer of Ludiphilia, Content Editor at, & freelance writer specialised in features. Also covers science, tech, games, innovation in shorter forms. Email: rich.c.moss at gmail

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The World’s Best Sports Technology Comes From the Military-Industrial Complex

At Wimbledon every year, the world’s elite tennis players compete knowing they can appeal to God if a human line caller gets something wrong. That God’s name is Hawk-Eye, and it makes decisions...

Screenshot 2016 06 08 21.53.40 article

'Neighborhood Simulator' Block'Hood Turns a City Into an Organism

Whereas SimCity and Cities: Skylines try to mimic the form and function of sprawling cities—their complexity emerging from the breadth of the simulation—Block'hood is content to hone in on the minutiae of a single city block.

The manhole article

Ludiphilia Episode 6 - The Manhole

How brothers Rand and Robyn Miller built worlds from a manhole.

Simcity article

5 - Where the City (Simulation) Stops — Ludiphilia

I love SimCity. It's a wonderful simulation of the urban machinery around us, and a playground for messing with our cities. But it turns out the original game, at least, doesn't actually work the way it seems.

Gameai630 article

Gamasutra - 7 examples of game AI that every developer should study

We reached out to several developers for their input on more recent games making innovative and instructive uses of AI....

Procgen630 article

Gamasutra - 7 uses of procedural generation that all developers ...

In the right game — Diablo, Rogue, Spelunky, Daggerfall, Elite, Spore, even the likes of Football Manager — procedurally-generated content is magical....

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

The Witness PC Review | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

The Witness PC Review | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Simcity 2000 2016 02 29 at 7.24.21 pm article
Rock, Paper, Shotgun

My Favourite Art Style: SimCity 2000 | Rock, Paper, Shotgun

I like to tell people that the brilliance of SimCity 2000’s art style rested on the fact that it was not isometric but rather used a technique called dimetric projection. In simple terms, that means the tiles were the same length in all directions horizontally, but they followed a different, flatter scale vertically. It created an iconic angular look and, functionally speaking, it was huge too.

Ludiphilia Podcast Episode 3 - Avatars in Need

Sometimes we don't realise that we need saving. Sometimes it's fun to pretend we do. For one woman, pretending made all the difference. This is the story of how one middle-aged woman relearned to play while residing in Second Life, and of the Search and Rescue operation she was enlisted into to help save fellow avatars (who don't actually need saving).

Ludiphilia Podcast Episode 2 - Mercy

A devoted wrestling fan hacks and modifies an old Nintendo 64 game called WWF No Mercy to help deal with the pain of his shattered dream, and gets more out of it than he'd bargained for.

Imposter syndrome: Game developers who feel like frauds | Polygon

The successful game developers who still feel like they're faking it.

Africa630 article

Gamasutra - The state of game development in Africa

I spoke to several developers from around Africa about the state of development in the region and the challenges they've been facing in forming local game industries in their own countries and across the whole continent.

Connectome wiring diagram human brain 4 article

Can we build a complete wiring diagram of the human brain?

Imagine for a moment if we could build a complete wiring diagram of a human brain – to map in detail every one of the hundred trillion or so synapses and roughly hundred billion neurons together with all the tiniest supporting mechanisms. What might that mean, and would it even be possible?

Simcity commodore 64 article

From SimCity to, well, SimCity: The history of city-building games | Ars Technica

Cities are everywhere. Billions of us live in them, and many of us think we could do a better job than the planners. But for the past 26 years dating back to the original SimCity, we've mostly been proving that idea false.

Arvr1 article

Gamasutra - How Allison Road designs its scares around VR

The new horror game from the first time developer Lilith Ltd. is the first to be designed from the ground up for VR. They impart what they've learned about designing horror for HMDs.