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Producer of Ludiphilia; historian, journalist, & freelance writer specialised in features. Covers games, play, tech, science, innovation. Email: rich.c.moss at gmail

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Connectome wiring diagram human brain 4 article

Can we build a complete wiring diagram of the human brain?

Imagine for a moment if we could build a complete wiring diagram of a human brain – to map in detail every one of the hundred trillion or so synapses and roughly hundred billion neurons together with all the tiniest supporting mechanisms. What might that mean, and would it even be possible?

Creative ai computational creativity challenges future article

Creative AI: Software writing software and the broader challenges of ...

Can computers truly be creative, and if so should we fear them or embrace them? And just what might these creative-minded artificial intelligences accomplish next?

Creative ai architecture robot craftsmen article

Creative AI: Algorithms and robot craftsmen open new possibilities in architecture

Algorithms can already produce remarkable architecture of incredible detail at the higher ends of the market; might robotic craftsmen soon add a touch of uniqueness to stock standard buildings?

Creative ai algorithmic art painting fool aaron article

Creative AI: The robots that would be painters

Computers can create subtle, nuanced, original artwork, be it from imaginative interpretations of human instructions or from emergent combinations of mathematical sequences. But the question is: Will we accept them as such? Or will the computer artist always remain an imitator and/or an enabler of the real, human artist?

Creative artificial intelligence computer algorithmic music article

Creative AI: Computer composers are changing how music is made

Could artificial intelligence render composers obsolete, or will it usher in a new era of creativity in music creation?

Creative ai procedural game development angelina article

Creative AI: Procedural generation takes game development to new ...

Owing perhaps to the difficulty and extreme cost of building virtual worlds that can be seen, heard, explored, and interacted with in multitudes of other ways, video games have long made use of procedural con...

Creative ai automated writing storytelling article

Creative AI: Teaching computers to be reporters and storytellers

By writing sets of rules and instructions of varying complexity, artificial intelligence experts can help computers learn to write stories both real and fictional ... with big implications for the future

Haptic technology tactile feedback sightlence article

Haptic technology: The next frontier in video games, wearables, virtual reality, and mobile electronics

The next frontier in human-computer interaction will be all about making you feel the virtual, digital world as though it were real and tangible. And haptics, a technology that's advanced at a snail's pace over the past 40 years, is the key to making that happen.

Learn immersive teaches languages virtual reality article

Learn Immersive teaches languages in virtual reality

San Francisco startup Learn Immersive has built a virtual reality platform that takes you on Virtual Field Trips to (3D scans of) real-world environments and helps you understand them in their native language.

Child learning ai article

Artificial intelligence program that learns like a child

An artificial intelligence program created at the University of Gothenburg imitates a child's cognitive development to learn basic arithmetic, logic, and grammar with no pre-existing knowledge

Ideum dynamic desktop tangible touch table article

Ideum experiments with tangible interface on projected capacitive ...

Multi-touch hardware and software company Ideum is exploring a potential future for the workplace in which traditional desks give way to projected capacitive touch tables that you use with both hand gestures and tangible objects.

Open uri20140603 28480 1mcjl1n article

Low-power laser triggers stem cells to repair teeth

Ranking among the X-Men probably isn't all that it's cracked up to be, but who wouldn't want their uncanny ability to regenerate lost bone or tissue? New research into tooth repair and stem cell biology, from a cross-institution team led by David Mooney of Harvard's Wyss Institute, may bring such regeneration one step closer to reality – or at the very least, give us hope that we can throw away those nasty dentures.

Open uri20140520 25529 18yip81 article

Mobile money services across Africa and Middle East get a leg up

Nine mobile network operators across 48 countries in Africa and the Middle East have joined forces on the GSM Association’s Mobile Money Interoperability (MMI) program. The program aims to develop standards and implement convenient and affordable financial services across the regions, where many citizens have limited access to traditional banking services.

Open uri20140513 16245 8qipv9 article

KOR-FX haptic vest brings games closer to your chest

That pounding in your chest when the action gets really intense in a video game or movie takes on a new dimension with the KOR-FX 4DFX, an adjustable and lightweight vest that translates audio into subtle vibrations that are meant to help you feel where explosions occur and gunshots comes from – or simply to better enjoy your favorite music.