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Producer of Ludiphilia; historian, journalist, & freelance writer specialised in features. Covers games, play, tech, science, innovation. Email: rich.c.moss at gmail

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Daytonjones article

Gamasutra - 7 examples of accessibility design that developers should study

With ever-more developers pushing to make their games accessible, we asked Spohn and Hamilton to help assemble a list of seven games that exemplify different accessibility best practices. Here are their choices:

Gamasutra - Obduction let Cyan experiment with VR in a non-Myst universe

After more than 20 years of games set in the Myst universe, Obduction, out today, is a chance for Cyan to finally work again with a clean slate.

Qcowb5 article

Gamasutra - Q&A: Creating the hacker-cyberpunk game

We spoke to Chung last week about how he's designed and refined Quadrilateral Cowboy's hacking systems to meet this challenge, how he's balanced the needs of this command-line hacking interface with those of the traditional first-person puzzle-heavy heist adventure that it's wrapped around, and...

Gameai630 article

Gamasutra - 7 examples of game AI that every developer should study

We reached out to several developers for their input on more recent games making innovative and instructive uses of AI....

Procgen630 article

Gamasutra - 7 uses of procedural generation that all developers ...

In the right game — Diablo, Rogue, Spelunky, Daggerfall, Elite, Spore, even the likes of Football Manager — procedurally-generated content is magical....

Africa630 article

Gamasutra - The state of game development in Africa

I spoke to several developers from around Africa about the state of development in the region and the challenges they've been facing in forming local game industries in their own countries and across the whole continent.

Arvr1 article

Gamasutra - How Allison Road designs its scares around VR

The new horror game from the first time developer Lilith Ltd. is the first to be designed from the ground up for VR. They impart what they've learned about designing horror for HMDs.