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Producer of Ludiphilia; historian, journalist, & freelance writer specialised in features. Covers games, play, tech, science, innovation. Email: rich.c.moss at gmail

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Double dragon ouch article

Rediscover Three Arcade Classics in Double Dragon Trilogy

They don’t make games like Double Dragon anymore. While the parallels between coin-guzzling arcades in the 80s and today’s free-to-play mobile fare run more than skin deep, it remains a relic. Simple, straightforward, and brutal, it’s uncompromising from the get-go.

Play games icon article

40+ Stellar Games That Use Google’s Play Game Services

Google’s Play Game Services were heralded as a big level up for Android gaming when they were announced back in May. Finally we had a universal system and an easy-to-implement API for tracking achievements and leaderboards across games, carrying ...

Open uri20140311 16924 1s2aj7t article

Upgrade Your Android Gaming Experience with a MOGA Pocket ...

Some games just suck when you play them with touch-screen controls. Your fingers and thumbs constantly block your view, and there’s nothing tangible for them to brush up against — so you’re never really sure that you’re pressing in the right place. Not all games suffer from this malady, of course — indeed, many excel with taps and gestures. But console-style experiences in particular never feel right without physical buttons and joysticks.

Open uri20140311 8831 130ikit article

Take Your Mobile Recording Studio Everywhere with iRig's Product ...

Android users only get half the iRig experience, with the hardware but almost none of the software supported, but thankfully a handful of other stellar apps come to the rescue so that you can be recording podcasts, interviews, concerts, lectures, band practice, and much more on the go with only your Android device and your iRig product of choice.

Relicrush icon article

Relic Rush: A Fun One-Touch Retro Homage to Indiana Jones

Games have been aping Indiana Jones since Raiders of the Lost Ark burst into the cinema in 1981, but few execute on their vision as well as Relic Rush — a retro-styled one-touch game of racing through dungeons and tombs in search of treasure.