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Producer of Ludiphilia; historian, journalist, & freelance writer specialised in features. Covers games, play, tech, science, innovation. Email: rich.c.moss at gmail

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Soulstorm teaser 1 article

What makes Oddworld tick - Polygon

One of the minds behind the Oddworld universe shares his storytelling philosophies and inspirations as he works on the Abe's Exoddus reimagining Soulstorm.

Table top racing.0 article

Wipeout's co-creator looks back at three decades of racing games

The never-ending chase after Nintendo

Imposter syndrome: Game developers who feel like frauds | Polygon

The successful game developers who still feel like they're faking it.

Imlac.0 article

The first first-person shooter | Polygon

How a group of college students made gaming history at the dawn of personal computing and computer networks.

Accessibility.0 cinema 1920.0 article

Why game accessibility matters | Polygon

Meet the people pushing to make video games more accessible to those with — and without — disabilities.

Open uri20140215 19585 t82fz5 article

How passion killed and revived a 20-year-old indie game

The 20-year journey of an Amiga indie born of passion, destroyed by love and reborn as 1993: Space Machine.

Open uri20140117 25977 jf4vir article

The healing power of video games | Polygon

How video games helped one teenager beat cancer and form his bridge back to normalcy.

Open uri20131108 9309 rrugl0 article

From Warlords to Puzzle Quest: The journey of a video game pioneer

Steve Fawkner made a game in order to break his Bejeweled addiction. Puzzle Quest, a sleeper hit puzzle/role-playing game hybrid, was the Australian game designer's reaction to the mega-popular PopCap title. But this was hardly the beginning of his career, or even his first success ...

Blindside screenshot article

Blind games: The next battleground in accessibility | Polygon

Meet the people trying to make games accessible to the blind and partially sighted, and the gamers who stand to benefit.

Purvis cover.0 cinema 400.0 article

Big Game: The birth of Kenya's games industry | Polygon

How a group of game developers beat the odds to create the Kenyan game industry.