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Producer of Ludiphilia; historian, journalist, & freelance writer specialised in features. Covers games, play, tech, science, innovation. Email: rich.c.moss at gmail

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Cultural Victory: A Personal History of the Civilization Series ...

For much of my existence on this earth, I have been an unashamed Civilization addict, Sid Meier's historically-themed strategy masterpiece. The series has done more to cultivate my intere...

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Playing chicken with a ghost in Burnout Paradise

I'm driving down the wrong side of the highway at…well, let's just say I'm driving fast. I don't actually know my speed since there is no speedometer, but I'm flooring the accelerator and burning nitr...

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The Rocky History of Gaming on the Mac

The Mac isn't exactly known for its ability to play games. And given the repeated snubbing from big publishers and developers in recent years, you can easily understand why. But the Mac hasn't always been a wasteland for games, sparsely populated by a handful of the PC's sloppy seconds...