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Producer of Ludiphilia; historian, journalist, & freelance writer specialised in features. Covers games, play, tech, science, innovation. Email: rich.c.moss at gmail

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The Archive - The Perils, Challenges, and Uncertainty of Collecting and Preserving Video Games

"People in the game business don't think that what they do is of importance or of lasting value," legendary game designer and avid collector of everything Warren Spector said at a panel during the ACM...

Majordraft article

The Archive - Fear of the Fun Way

I never liked carnivals—too many flashing lights, excited voices, unpredictable people, and cheap thrills. I prefer to find wonder and excitement in music, friends, dreams, and the seemingly mundane. ...

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The Archive - The Thirty-Nine Steps Digital Adaptation Shows A Bright Future For Interactive Stories

How The Story Mechanics's debut title The Thirty-Nine Steps moves interactive storybooks forward, and suffers growing pains in the process.

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The Archive - A Fool and his Money: Cliff Johnson's Long Journey to Develop a Sequel to a 25-Year-Old Game

Cliff Johnson spent ten years developing a sequel to what is now a 25-year-old game. “I released it nine years late and one day early,” he tells me over the phone a week after finally push...

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The Archive - Evoland Blows Its Potential and Butchers RPG History

It had so much potential: a video game that showcases the evolution of role-playing games. But Evoland falls short on every count. It distorts your nostalgia, fumbles its throwbacks, and never comes into its own. It’s a shallow imitation of the real thing. And that sucks. Because it could have been amazing.

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The Archive - Lost in the Wasteland Part 16: In the Mind of a Madman

I take a surreal journey into the mind of an insane, psychotic android.

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The Archive - The History of THQ Through its Logos and Branding

News broke this week that 23-year-old game publisher THQ, along with all of its unsold studios, is no more. The company has played a key role in the industry since it acquired Prince of Persia and Car...